How does Ketamine work?

Breakthrough innovative treatments

While ketamine has been used in American medicine for more than 50 years, it can be intimidating to consider new treatment options for conditions such as depression. Fortunately, Ketamine has a very safe respiratory profile, which is why it is used in so many disparate settings, such as in the ER, in veterinary practice, in pediatrics, and on the battlefield.

At KetaMind, we will take the time to answer any and all of your treatment concerns prior to your decision to become a patient at  our clinic.

Your hope to being free of the symptoms of depression is possible with this breakthrough therapy. At KetaMind, we take that responsibility seriously.

What to Expect

KetaMind offers private treatment rooms for all of our patients. We have developed a compassionate, low stimulation environment to allow the patients to focus on themselves, their thoughts, and their emotions during the treatment.

During the infusion, the patient will be constantly monitored by a trained medical professional who will be continuously checking heart rate, rhythm, respiration, blood pressure and level of consciousness to ensure the patient is comfortable and safe. At no time during the infusion is a patient left unsupervised.